About Estuarian.org

Welcome to Estuarian.org and thank you for stopping by.

About Estuarian.org

This blog is about estuaries in Northern California, especially estuaries near my home, specifically the lower Russian River, Tomales Bay. the Estero Americano, Drakes Estero, the Petaluma River, San Pablo Bay, the Napa River, San Francisco Bay, and the Sacramento and San Joaquin River Deltas. On occasion I’ll visit places further afield.

Who am I?

My name is Dan. I’m a retired teacher. These days I enjoy paddling, hiking, and bicycling along the Northern California coast. This blog is mostly about visits to nearby estuaries.

My mission is to learn about, care for, photograph, think and write about the estuaries near my home. I am particularly interested in estuarine animals—birds, marine mammals, fish, invertebrates, and fellow human visitors.

Portrait of Me!

Make every day count!

Estuaries are a delightful refuge from modern life. When I return home, blogging about estuaries is a rewarding way to reflect upon and deepen my understanding.

My hope is that these efforts will encourage you to go outside into nearby nature and enjoy its benefits.