Pasture Paddle

Estero Americano remains full to the brim. Rather than paddle out the Pacific as I usually do, I turned upstream towards Valley Ford. I went as far south as I could,

and then as far east as I could before the shrubby trees and bushes made further progress difficult.

The low lying pasturelands on either side of Valley Ford Estero Road were inundated, looking more like lakes than pastures.

I passed countless dairy cows and steers along the way. There are many dairies in the area. I was downwind of dairies pretty much the whole time.

The inland reaches of Estero Americano are certainly no wilderness. But paddling in the pastures does have some charms. The grassy hillsides, green in February, are dotted with attractive outcroppings of rocks.

I passed a pair of Gulls. I’m not sure exactly what sort of gull this is.

A pair of kites flew about the eastern reach. One of them perched briefly on a tree long enough to have its photo taken.

Meadowlarks and song sparrows added their music to the air.

Here’s a ten-second video clip of a Meadowlark so you can hear its song.

A map of my journey might make it appear that I was paddling overland. The Estero is well above its banks, though, so it’s more like a lake right now.

The launch and take out site. No trouble finding a parking spot! I was the only one out there today.

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3 thoughts on “Pasture Paddle

  1. Lyrinda, thanks! Yes, I was a lot like the day we paddled the Laguna de Santa Rosa. (These days, the Laguna is a pasture. Too little rain!) I loved your photos of Estero Americano when you went out with the PP group. Looks like you guys had fine calm weather, and that some of you at least went upstream as well. I thought of you as I was paddling in the narrow tributaries because I know that you, like me, enjoy paddling up close to shore. There’s more to see!

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