Three Outings in December

In the past week I have immersed myself, alone, in nature three times. I want to drink in as much of California’s natural beauty as I can before heading back east to the urban landscapes where my adult children live.

Last Friday I hiked early in the morning along the western shore of San Pablo Bay at China Camp State Park. I saw many deer and wild turkeys and a coyote.

Tuesday I paddled across Tomales Bay to enjoy a lunch on a beach I had all to myself. I enjoyed the company of several harbor seals.

Today I took a hike in Willowcreek State Park. In seven miles and about two and three quarters hours I encountered one mountain bike rider and another solo hiker. I hiked down Willowcreek Road to Old Barn Road.

The sun was warm, too warm for December, making it feel almost like April.

At a mouldering out building I enjoyed the lunch I carried in my backpack: kipper snacks, a pear, string cheese, a crust of a sourdough loaf, and a thermos of hot black tea.

For company, I brought a book to read while my lunch settled.

Maps of the outings:

China Camp:

Tomales Bay:


2 thoughts on “Three Outings in December

  1. Snow is beautiful, too, but I’m looking forward to getting down to Santa Rosa right after Christmas. Love to see more sunshine and spot a Coyote or wild turkey.

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