Hike with Geoff

Spent a nice day hiking on Red Hill with friend, Geoff. We climbed to the summit and then looped around to the east to take shelter from a cold wind in the woods. The hike takes about two and a half hours and is less than six miles.

We’ve been friends and neighbors a long time and spent a couple of hours catching up before I head back to Philadelphia.

Red Hill is one of the best hikes in Sonoma County. When I get back from my trip east, I’ll take him out in Willow Creek where there’s more good hiking.

Here’s a map of our hike.

Three Outings in December

In the past week I have immersed myself, alone, in nature three times. I want to drink in as much of California’s natural beauty as I can before heading back east to the urban landscapes where my adult children live.

Last Friday I hiked early in the morning along the western shore of San Pablo Bay at China Camp State Park. I saw many deer and wild turkeys and a coyote.

Tuesday I paddled across Tomales Bay to enjoy a lunch on a beach I had all to myself. I enjoyed the company of several harbor seals.

Today I took a hike in Willowcreek State Park. In seven miles and about two and three quarters hours I encountered one mountain bike rider and another solo hiker. I hiked down Willowcreek Road to Old Barn Road.

The sun was warm, too warm for December, making it feel almost like April.

At a mouldering out building I enjoyed the lunch I carried in my backpack: kipper snacks, a pear, string cheese, a crust of a sourdough loaf, and a thermos of hot black tea.

For company, I brought a book to read while my lunch settled.

Maps of the outings:

China Camp:

Tomales Bay: