I see plastic polluting every estuary I visit.

Here in Philadelphia—unlike in California where I live most of the time—single use plastic bags are still in widespread use in retail. If Pennsylvania were to impose a 10-cent charge for plastic shopping bags I’m sure Pennsylvanians would remember to bring reusable canvas bags whilst shopping. It has become so habitual for me that it just seems weird to be in a place where this stupid and needless form of litter is still so common.

Here is a video on the plastics in the oceans produced by the BBC. It is worth the five minutes it takes to watch it. You may find it a bit depressing.

That said, it made me feel good about the efforts I have made over the years to reduce my use of plastic and to pick up the estuaries I visit.


One thought on “Plastics

  1. 80,000 tons of plastic apparently ends up in the worlds oceans and into our food chain every year. It’s time humans departed and left the planet to the other sentient beings who don’t pollute the world – either that or buck up our ideas and start looking after this world – but I’m not holding my breathe on that one!

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