Mid-Tomales Bay Tour

My wife had scheduled a full day of meetings today, so I loaded my kayak on the roof rack and headed out to Tomales Bay. The weather forecast called for warm sunshine and light winds, exactly what I found when I got out there. Rather than drive around the end of the bay to Chicken Ranch Beach in Inverness as planned, I put in at Marconi Cove, to save time driving out and back. Paddling across the bay would be easy enough today.

Leaving Marconi Cove

Conditions for paddling stayed perfect all day long. I paddled north towards Marshall, then across the bay at Marshall Boat Works. I stopped for lunch In Tomales Bay State Park on Pebble Beach, the beach south of Heart’s Desire Beach. It was so warm, I took refuge from the sun under the trees growing on the cliff behind the narrow beach.

Lunch Spot


After a leisurely lunch I paddled down the bay to just north of Inverness. I crossed the bay at Shell Beach where the bay narrows. I visited the quiet little lagoon sheltered by Tommasini Point.

There were other kayakers and canoeists out today as well as several sailboats. I saw the usual wildlife: ospreys, gulls, pelicans, harbor seals, cormorants, and a magnificent group of more than sixty geese flying south in a vee formation.

As I loaded my kayak back onto the car, a youthful couple stopped at Marconi Cove for a nude swim. Sorry, no photos of that!

Here is a map of today’s nearly eight mile journey.

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  1. Nice post. I love Tomales Bay. Makes me want to get out there quick. Thanks for the great pictures.

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