SUPs Everywhere

Regular Estuarian readers may have noticed a summer-long hiatus in my posts to this weblog. The reason? This little guy, our first grandchild.

Upon resuming my estuarian activities, I’ve seen Stand Up Paddleboards, (SUPs) everywhere I paddle.

The Russian River,

Corte Madera Creek

Spring Lake

Tomales Bay

Riverfront Park in Windsor

I’ve talked to many of them and learned that many used to paddle kayaks, but chose SUPs to get a better workout. I get it: kayaking does nothing for you from the hips on down. Because of that, I often take a walk after paddling, as I did yesterday at Riverfront park.

I talked with Doug, the paddleboarder who is just barely visible on the far shore of this lake, below. He’s about my age, admirably fit and vigorous, an experienced white water and sea kayaker, and an enthusiastic SUPer.

Doug got me thinking about becoming a SUPerman. My birthday is coming up.

5 thoughts on “SUPs Everywhere

  1. Congratulations Dan, a first grandchild is a very special time. We are currently in Cambridge UK as we await the birth of our second grandchild (as I type he’s 3 days overdue, yikes!)
    For us at the moment the only thing better than having one grandchild …. is having two!!!

    So happy for you all – Alden

  2. Geoff. my grandson’s name is Aydin. Hey, Alden, sounds you’re a bit farther along than me and my wife. I hope all went well with the birth of your second grandchild. Yes, being a grandparent is a great experience. Like you, we have to do a bit of traveling to see your grandson, but it’s well worth the effort. (Though we do wish they lived closer.

  3. Hi, Dan,
    I was just introduced to your blog by a friend. First off, great name – Estuarian!
    I am also a fan of all the same waters as you. I have sailed, canoed, kakayed and now mostly SUP them. If you are interested in trying a SUP out I have good friends at Rubicon Adventures (check their website) in Forestville. They are certified pros and give great lessons, rentals and outings. If you’d like a less professional introduction, I have some extra SUPs and could give you an intro on Spring Lake some day. WARNING! Once I stood up and paddled I became totally addicted – what a great, sort of zenlike way to experience the water while getting a good low-impact workout. I almost never use my canoe or kayak any more! – Dennis

  4. Hi Dennis,

    Thanks for commenting. I am glad you enjoy the blog. I do like going out using my new SUP. Still really enjoying the kayak and canoe too. They’re all different and all fun in their own way.


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