Teatime on Tomales

Autumn weather around here is perfect for paddling: warm and not too windy.

Right after my morning coffee, I packed a small lunch and a thermos of hot black tea and headed for Chicken Ranch Beach on the west side of Tomales Bay.

Not many others were out there today other than a trio of women on StandUp Paddleboards.

Hearts Desire Beach was almost empty.

So was Indian Beach.

I paddled beyond Sacramento Landing to Fruit Tree Beach where I stopped for tea.

I had the whole beach to myself


I enjoyed the peacefulness of the bay and the solitude it offers on weekday mornings. On the way back south a Northwest wind blew straight down the bay. Luckily I had my Windpaddle Sail along.

The winds filled the sail and urged me down the bay.

A map of my journey:


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