Salmon Creek Scoot

Salmon Creek is known mainly for its beach, popular with surfers and notorious for shark attacks that occur there from time to time.

No one I know has ever paddled up Salmon Creek. It’s such a small creek that it doesn’t seem worth the bother to launch a boat.Yesterday, while walking in the area with my wife, I got curious about what it might offer despite its small size. My curiosity got me out there this morning with my kayak and camera, and I was rewarded with a lovely outing.

My journey began at the “Salmon Creek Yacht Club” along the edge of the estuary of Salmon Creek. It’s sole facility is this aging sign, partially hidden in the reeds:

The “Yacht Club” serves the small community of Salmon Creek, a collection of modest seaside cottages and homes in various states of repair.

When I arrived, coastal low clouds spread across the sky. I had no idea how far inland it might be possible to paddle. I wanted to find out. Soon after passing beneath the Highway One bridge it got quiet and peaceful.

A half hour later, after passing some beautiful steep hillsides,

the trees and bushes growing along the banks began to impede further progress inland. Eventually I came to a tire swing near a gravelly pull-out spot where a trail led up a bank.

The short trail led to a campground of some sort. There was a fire ring, some firewood, and plenty of room to pitch some tents.

Beyond this place further progress would require portaging.

I turned around and paddled all the way down the estuary to the ocean. About a half dozen surfers were enjoying the knee high waves and I watched them,

enjoying a thermos of hot tea while sitting on a Douglas Fir stool.


A map of the outing:


4 thoughts on “Salmon Creek Scoot

  1. Larry and Sandy,

    Thanks. Posts coming a little less often now as hiking replaces paddling as my favorite outdoor activity (arthritis in both hands) but I will get out from time to time to post here.


  2. Dan I have arthritis in both my legs which making walking any distance completely out of the question – make the most of you mobility while you can, I sure miss walking long distances. – Nice post by the way.

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