Protecting the Planet

Protecting our planet is not a partisan issue. Almost everyone wants

  • clean air,
  • clean water,
  • wholesome, delicious, and nutritious foods,
  • healthy natural surroundings,
  • cheap clean renewable energy, generated locally.

There is plenty of scientific evidence that we need to make changes if future generations are to have these things. But so far scientists have not been particularly effective in the public discourse on these matters.

There is a minority among us who don’t want these things. Among that minority is a very influential few who are getting richer and richer under the regime we currently have. They spend a lot of money to persuade others among us not to make the changes that must be made to save the web of life for the generations to come.

The following video talks about why the changes we need in public opinion have not been coming as quickly as they should. It suggests how we might become more effective in protecting our earth for future generations.


One thought on “Protecting the Planet

  1. Hard to believe we still have to convince others that these are vital to the survival of our race and that they Trump greed.

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