Farming Below Sea Level, Sears Point

Yesterday my wife joined me for a bicycle tour of Sears Point National Wildlife Refuge.

A cold westerly breeze swept across the land carrying gray clouds toward the Sierras.

From the levee we could see that the agricultural fields on the northern shore were several feet below sea level. Because it had rained the previous night, water was ponding in the field. Automatic pumps sent water up over the levee and into the bay.

I stopped to take a short video of the pumping station.

We toured west to the now defunct Port Sonoma. It’s falling into magnificent decrepitude.

Voyaging through time

This boat won’t pull any more fish from the sea, nor spew CO2 into the atmosphere through its exhaust pipes.

We pedaled for nearly two hours, enjoying the bracing wind and expansive skies. Here’s a map:

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