Laguna de Santa Rosa & Hike at Armstrong Woods

The Laguna de Santa Rosa currently has plenty of water for paddling. I got an early start. A local couple who had never paddled here before were already there, busy inflating their canoe/kayak. I told them to keep an eye out for submerged barbed wire fencing as they went.

Lake Sebastopol was peaceful under a bright blue cloudless sky.

Cormorants have begun to appear in the rookery tree near Delta Pond for the 2017 spring breeding season. They appeared to have just arrived recently.

Doublecrested Cormorant

I was able to paddle north almost to Guerneville Road, which is about as far as you can get before impenetrable thickets of brush block further progress. There is abundant peaceful pastoral scenery surrounding this seasonal lake.

When I returned at least a dozen fellow paddlers had arrived to explore these ephemeral waters.

A dozen cars or more

I was home in time for lunch and an afternoon hike in Armstrong Woods.

It was good to see and hear so much water in the creeks. The Redwoods, Firs, Tanoaks, and other tree and plants seemed to have had their thirst slaked and are feeling good as California’s long drought has relented for now.


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  1. Sorry to have missed the paddling adventure this morning. Looks like it was a really great day to be on “Lake Sebastopol.”

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