Laguna Full, Estero Emptying

More than two inches of rain fell last night filling the Laguna de Santa Rosa. I decided to take a tour of West Sonoma County to check on local estuarine waters. My tour took me all the way to the coast where I took my daily constitutional. Several roads are closed due to flooding. I had to follow several detours around roads closed by flooding streams.

There was enough water to inundate Sanford Road. The part of the Laguna I call “Lake Sebastopol” is now paddleable again.

Laguna at Occidental Road Bridge

The Estero Americano is  swollen with runoff. Here is a one-minute video showing the launch area. A noticeable current is flowing under the bridge, more than I have ever seen before. If you’re wondering about the voices you’re hearing, it’s the sheep ranchers across Marsh Road calling their flock for the late afternoon feeding.

With more rain forecast to fall in the next three days we may see more local flooding.

Stay tuned for updates.

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