Jenner December 29, 2016

This morning I took my son-in-law paddling on the Russian River Estuary in fine winter weather. We saw the pair of Bald Eagles who are often there.

It’s good to have binoculars when kayaking.

We saw Harbor Seals, Sea Lions, Cormorants, a Great Blue Heron, a few Mallards, flocks of Buffleheads, and a half dozen Mergansers.

We visited with Bob Noble, the only other paddler we saw. More at Bob at Bob’s Eyes.

The mouth of the river is open.


Waqqas enjoyed his first paddle.



4 thoughts on “Jenner December 29, 2016

  1. Happy new year and all the best for 2017.

    The badge on your right shirt sleeve – is this an official / unofficial wildlife ranger designation?

  2. Hi Alden. Happy New Years to you as well. I am a certified naturalist by virtue of completing a UC class. The patch is officially unofficial.

    I do volunteer as a citizen scientist/naturalist, though.

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