A Garland of Lakes


Estero Americano is a garland of lakes extending four and a half miles from Valley Ford to the Pacific.

A paddler can beeline directly north from the launch and avoid paddling in the channel.

The leisurely trip out to the ocean took me an hour and a quarter.

Fish-eating creatures—River Otters, Herons, Egrets, Cormorants—were scarce. Lots of muddy water made hiding from predators easier for fish.

Times are good for those who eat gophers and mice, many of whom were flooded out of their houses..

Barney Barn Owl, content as ever.



5 thoughts on “A Garland of Lakes

  1. Thanks, Alden. It was the 61st paddle of 2016, a bit more than the goal of 52 paddles for the year. I may do one or two more before 2017. It’s been fun to watch over the estuaries of Northern California this past year. Merry Christmas (and happy summer) to you in NZ. I look forward to hearing about your sailing & paddling in the coming year. Love your new boat.

  2. 64 paddles for 2016! Dan, that really is something for me to aspire to! I don’t know how you fit that number in! I will take that number as a bit of goal for 2017 – if I can accomplish half that number I will be quite happy!

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