Estero Americano Filling Up

The Estero Americano is over its banks.

Tomorrow’s forecast is calling for the rain to stop.

It’s hard to say if there is enough rain and runoff still to come this evening to make the Estero overflow the sand dam at the mouth.

Launch Ramp December 15, 2016

We shall see.

We can hope that the Estero will just keep filling up and up—without breaking itself open and running into the Pacific.

When the Estero is brimming and about to overflow it resembles a five-mile long chain of lakes that end at Bodega Bay.

Looking Northward at Vally Ford/Franklin School Bridge



















3 thoughts on “Estero Americano Filling Up

  1. I think tonight’s very high tide will push over the berm and drain the estero. If not, it should be a lovely ride tomorrow for anyone up tor a paddle.

  2. Good point about the tides. This is the season for king tdes—and there is a very high tide near noon today. Let’s see what happens.

  3. The mouth is closed and the resultant chain of lakes is beautiful, although a bit chilly this misty morning.

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