Buckeye Bend

Buckeye trees grow along a bending curve in the Estero that’s about halfway between Valley Ford and the Pacific.

I call the area Buckeye Bend.


In May, the Buckeye trees that grow here blossom magnificently.


Buckeye tree in May

In November, the trees lose all their leaves and blossoms. They look dead. But they’re just resting peacefully, biding their time and getting ready to endure the winter and prepare for spring.


On those “bare” branches hang many buckeyes.


Lots of buckeyes had already fallen to the ground. They thoroughly littered the shore.


Buckeyes, up close are really quite beautiful.


They’re about the size of a golf ball. I am told that Native Californians ate buckeyes when oak trees didn’t produce sufficient acorns.


I stopped at Buckeye Bend to rest and sit under their canopy for about a half hour.


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