River Otters live in the Estero Americano. On my recent visit I saw six of them—five in one group and a solo Otter near Whale’s Tail. This one appeared to have caught a fish.


Four other otters were nearby. It wasn’t long before they saw me.


When they became aware of me they swam across the estuary to the opposite shore.


This is the group of four other otters nearby.

As I had noticed before on Tomales Bay, the otters swam toward the sun so that soon I was seeing their shadowed side.


Looking into the sun makes it harder to see and photograph them. I do not know if they swim toward the sun instinctively or whether they know that this behavior makes them harder to see. Perhaps it had simply been a coincidence that their “escape” from my attention in both cases required them to swim toward the sun.

One of them popped up to have a good look at me.


I think they eventually decided I was taking too much interest in their activities. One by one each of them climbed out of the water into some shoreline shrubbery, and disappeared.

Tomorrow: Buckeyes



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