Barn Owls & ?

Halfway out to the ocean the Estero widens. It was still calm when I got there. Quiet and peaceful. Good for the body and soul.


The familiar pair of Barn Owls—Barney and Betty—kept watch over this peaceful scene. They’ve presided over this stretch of water for some time now.


The hardly blinked an eye as a drifted past their cave in the wall of the hanging gardens. I saw this pair last May and again in July. To see more photos of these owls, click on those links. It was good to see them again.

There’s something about birds of prey that catch the eye.

Can anyone help identify this one? It appeared to be somewhat larger than a Red-Tailed Hawk, but it was pretty high in the sky, so hard to know exactly how big it really was.

It was soaring without much wing flapping.


Pretty sure it’s not: Osprey, Red-Tailed Hawk,White Tailed Kite, Northern Harrier, Bald or Golden Eagle. . Best guess is an immature eagle. Would anyone wish to venture a guess?


3 thoughts on “Barn Owls & ?

  1. Great (previous) shots of the owls.

    I don’t know any eagle that looks like that. Doesn’t look like an immature Bald Eagle which we observe quite often here in the Pacific Northwest.

  2. Loren and Ray, thanks for responding. I visited Google Images to look at immature eagles. Ray, I think you may be correct about it being an immature golden eagle. The tail feathers look right. But the rest of this bird is lighter in color than anything I saw on Google Images.

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