Estero Americano November 2, 2016

There was a truck parked at the launch early this morning. Someone got out on the Estero ahead of me—a duck hunter, probably.

Sure enough, about a mile and a half from the launch a group of duck decoys floated on the Estero.



Nearby, half hidden in brushy shoreline scrub, was a camouflage kayak and a young hunter dressed to match his kayak.

We talked cordially. He’d already shot a duck.

Just as I was telling him about a coyote that I had seen in almost exactly this spot earlier this year, he spotted several deer running along a fence. He pointed out several coyotes who were giving chase to the deer. Some of the deer swam across the Estero.

Others ran up a hill or to run along the shore.


Deer escaping coyotes

I did not get a photograph of the coyotes. I glimpsed them so briefly that I wasn’t even sure I saw the coyotes at all.

I bid the hunter goodbye and continued on my way to the Pacific. In a few minutes I came upon some Mallard Ducks. This pair took to the skies as I passed them and flew towards the hunter hiding in the shrubs. I hoped they weren’t fooled by the decoys.


I heard no blast of a 12-guage shotgun, so I guessed the two ducks survived the morning.


More tomorrow about this trip.

2 thoughts on “Estero Americano November 2, 2016

  1. The best sort of shooting Dan is the sort you doing with your camera – some very good photos – looking forward to more about the trip.

  2. Love the fog image . . .

    Breaks my heart to think of the mallards being shot out of the sky . . . you would not believe how many shot gun shell casings I find on Doran Beach . . . it’s rather shocking . . .

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