First Day of November

A good way to start a new month is to spend the day outdoors, especially if the weather is warm and sunny.

Here along the Northern California coast the morning sun shone in a bright blue late autumnal sky. After the Halloween rains, the sun drew me outdoors.

So I went out for a paddling tour of Tomales Bay from Marconi Cove up to Cypress Grove. I enjoyed a thermos of tea there on the bench perched on the low bluff just north of the buildings.


Tea time just north of Cypress Grove

Then across the bay I went to enjoy the other shore. I stopped at Indian Beach for a bite to eat—Kipper Snacks. Being among Brown Pelicans, Cormorants, Harbor Seals, Surf Scoters, and other pescatarians sure whets one’s appetite for fish!


Indian Beach, looking east across the bay

A small sailboat launched from Marconi Cove as I dined on my fish.


Back at the beach I met Jerry and Debbie, the couple who were sailing this boat—a Kestrel designed in the fifties by Ian Proctor.

It was their shake-down outing. They got it off Craigslist for free and have been refurbishing it, bringing it back to life.

People say that being outdoors is a good way to lift your spirits. Sure works for me.

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