Please Vote Yes on California Proposition 67


Estuarian readers who live in California have to opportunity to vote for the environment by voting YES on Proposition 67. It will ban single use plastic bags in California.

We have already banned single use plastic bags in Sebastopol, California where I live. It has made a difference—I see far fewer plastic bags in the estuaries around here.

Proposition 67 would ban single use plastic bags statewide—a good thing for all of California’s living things. It would be good for the whole planet, actually.

For example, take a look at this video of the contents of a dead camel’s gut. Plastic bags kill more than human babies. The camel died near Dubai. These bags are a problem worldwide.

Credits: Video of Camel Gastrolith by Chris Jordan. Thanks to Richard James of for making me aware of it.

Plastic bag manufacturers have introduced a Proposition of their own to confuse voters, Prop 65. Vote NO on 65.

Vote YES on 67.

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