Ten Miles on Tomales Bay 4

Rains blew in today from the eastern Pacific.

The change in weather has made last week’s placid sunny autumnal outing on Tomales Bay seem a long-ago memory. A seagull sunned himself on a piling.


Another gull had crab for breakfast.


The western shore still has quaint housing built before Tomales Bay became part of Point Reyes National Seashore, like this red cabin with its own beach.


The old Spenger’s place .


Spenger Place. I believe this is the same family that had a fish restaurant in Berkeley when I was a college student there.

And the remnants of Clayton Lewis’s assemblage of structures at Laird’s Landing.



I enjoyed lunch at Clayton Lewis’s place and spent about a half hour working on a sketch of one of his buildings.


I had the whole place to myself.

One thought on “Ten Miles on Tomales Bay 4

  1. I did a Google search of Clayton Lewis and Lairds Landings. He was an interesting and very creative character. What a beautiful site for any artistic activity – sad to see such a house of memories disappearing back into the landscape.

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