The Ancient Voice of a Great Blue Heron

Listen as you watch this video of a Great Blue Heron taking off and voicing disapproval of my intrusion into the serenity of its world.


Last summer my brother (artist, author, videographer, and blogger, James Gurney, creator of Dinotopia and author of Imaginative Realism among much else) and I visited the American Museum of Natural History in New York city.

We went there to see a new exhibit exploring how dinosaurs didn’t really disappear 65 million years ago. They survived and evolved to become the birds we see around us today.

Whenever I hear the expressive voice of the Great Blue Heron I wonder what the large dinosaurs of long ago sounded like. If their voices matched their hulking sizes, the sound would have been terrifying.



One thought on “The Ancient Voice of a Great Blue Heron

  1. We see Great Blue Herons on our morning walks, and they always seem prehistoric (and very shy) to us, too. They seem to always be watching for fish at the water’s edge.

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