Ten Miles on Tomales Bay 3

A Great Blue Heron stood on a rock along the shore….

gbhe-1-tmotI approached, slowly, snapping photos.


The heron turned around and sprang into the air.


These beautiful birds are light. They have legs so strong that they can leap into the air and, with just one powerful wingbeat, take to the sky.

This one flew up the shore and around a point, just out of sight. It had landed on a rock where I encountered him a second time.


Again he flew—this time in the opposite direction, back towards his original rock.

That pleased me. Sometimes birds will fly again and again in the same direction, each time a little bit further up the shore in the direction I am paddling and we repeat the encounter repeatedly—to their obvious annoyance.

I was able to take a short video of this bird shortly after taking the photo above.

When you watch the video, you can hear the bird’s ancient voice. It seems to express displeasure at my interference.

I’ll post that video tomorrow.

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