Calm Above, Still Below

Part of the mission of Estuarian is to remind myself and everyone I who might happen by here that the natural world is still incredibly beautiful, still miraculous, still worth savoring and definitely worth our efforts to save it.

It is important to get outside and enjoy it as much as possible, to learn more about nature when we go out, and to do what we can to help, even if its as simple as picking up the trash we find along the way.

Going out with friends almost always makes it more fun, but to see nature up close, it’s worth going out solo and stealthily. When we go out with others it’s hard not to enjoy conversation—and when we talk, a lot of animals take cover and hide long before we’re aware of them.

Check out this photo, taken on my most recent outing. I’ll share a secret about it at the end.


Russian River, from Laurel Dell, looking downstream towards the Catholic Retreat site.

This photo brings to mind one of my favorite quotes:

“The great lessons from the true mystics … is that the sacred is in the ordinary, that it is to be found in one’s daily life, in one’s neighbors, friends, and family, in one’s backyard, and that travel may be a flight from confronting the sacred. To be looking everywhere for miracles is a sure sign of ignorance that everything is miraculous.” 

-Abraham H. Maslow

(PS—The secret about the photo: It’s upside down. I inverted it.)

One thought on “Calm Above, Still Below

  1. The Maslow quote is in the only Maslow book I have ‘Religions, Values, and Peak-Experiences. This is the book I told you about when you quoted Maslow in a comment on my blog. I am half way through reading it again – thank you !! ( ‘It’s an oldie but a goodie’ as the saying goes).

    You are right about going solo and the ensuring solitude – it’s a different way of experiencing the wilderness.

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