Up Cheney Creek

Jim G and I paddled into the mouth of Bodega Harbor this morning.


We made our way along along the north side of the sand spit on which Doran Regional Park sits.

We spotted loons as we passed behind the Bodega Coast Guard Station.


Jim noticed something feeding of the smolts near the outflow of Cheney Creek—a Leopard Shark.


It swam beneath my kayak twice, lingering for a few seconds below me. Perhaps it was simply enjoying a moment out of the sun in the shadow of my boat.


We lingered with the shark for a few minutes before letting the last of the flood tide carry us up into Cheney Gulch.

The navigable part of the creek ends near the Highway One over crossing. We turned around when it was not possible to paddle further.


Jim had a little trouble paddling his canoe. The wind wanted pushed his canoe off course. Once he kneeled midships, the canoe was more manageable. He had no problem getting back to our cars.

Here is a map of our outing.

This was the first time I’ve paddled at Bodega Harbor in years. I think I’ll return before too much time goes by.