4 thoughts on “Sunup at Duncans Mills

  1. What a great photo Dan, obviously one of yours. It’s full of mystery – where does the little jetty lead to? a comfortable little cabin in a Thoreau wood? … and for someone such as myself with a maritime bent – is that canoe fiberglass or wood? If wooden, were its ribs bent Eskimo style by biting and bending thin strips of wood in ones teeth? …… and who lives in the little Thoreau cabin?

  2. Hi, Alden—

    I take all the photos on this blog, most of them while paddling in my kayak. My camera is a souped up point-and-shoot, nothing fancy by enthusiasts standards, but it works for me.

    The aluminum canoe is tied up to a little dock that serves a riverside rental cabin at Duncans Mills along the Russian River. So who lives there changes regularly, as it’s a vacation rental cabin. Later the same morning a mother and her adult daughter came emerged from the shore with their dogs and took the canoe out.

    I’ve got a teardrop trailer that I keep at the adjacent camping club. (My trailer substitutes for a real vacation cabin/second home, which are beyond my means as a retired teacher.)

  3. Thanks Darris. It was a remarkably tranquil morning. There was no one else out on the river that morning, just me and the birds and otters. Almost no wind. Quiet.

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