Mouth Closed

The Russian River’s mouth has been closed since September 11, more than 2 weeks now. Water is still being released from reservoirs upstream and something like 120 cubic feet of water has been flowing under Hacienda dam since then.

So the river, now lagoon has been rising. The water measures above 7′ at the Jenner visitor’s center.

For the past week I’ve been out there enjoying what amounts to a 9 mile long lake. In the next few days, I’ll share the best of the photos.

Here’s a view of the mouth taken several days ago from the overlook.


2 thoughts on “Mouth Closed

  1. That is one big lake! What does it take to breech the sandbar, big waves from a storm or the weight of trapped water reaching a breaking point?

  2. Usually locals with shovels dig out a little channel that quickly grows and blows out the dam. It’s to manage flooding of their houses near the mouth.

    Ocean waves build up the sandbar enough that the river lagoon begins to flood properties built right along the river’s shore near the mouth.

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