Quick Trip to Jenner: Russian River Lagoon

The mouth of the Russian River is closed, sealed shut by a sandbar. Waters in the lagoon have risen to about 6 feet at the visitors center launch area.

Most of the Harbor Seals have left. Only a few remain near the mouth. In their place are hundreds of migrating Brown Pelicans and Gulls.


Waves crashed against the rocks near the jetty. Some of the bigger waves shot grand plumes of spray into the air.

splash-91916 splash2-91916

Signs posted on the shores around Penny Island asked the public NOT to remove trash or debris from the shore.


As a retired educator I complied with the request stated on the sign.


This zori was a few feet from the sign. I left it there.

It was surprisingly hard to leave the trash where it was. Picking up trash in the river is sort of habit forming.

2 thoughts on “Quick Trip to Jenner: Russian River Lagoon

  1. I never knew they were also called ‘Zoris’ – In New Zealand we call them ‘Jandals’ in Australia they are known as ‘Flipflops’.

  2. Hi, Alden,
    We call them flipflops too. Jandals not so much. Here in the US both those names and zoris get a little dashed red underline to indicate a misspelling.

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