San Francisco Bay/Estuary Getting Healthier?

Paddling buddies from the Petaluma Paddlers were out last Sunday on a trip around Angel Island. They were treated to a display of Humpback Whales feeding in the bay between Angel Island and Alcatraz.

Both Dick Mallory and Lyrinda Synderman—both of them readers of this blog—were able to capture video of what they saw. Lyrinda’s video has been featured on the local TV news stations.

It’s very encouraging to see efforts to restore this ecosystem result in the return of whales. I’ve not seen Humpbacks in the Bay, but in early in May I watched Gray Whales feeding in almost the same location.

Channel 4 has the best edit I’ve seen so far. The kayaker you see is Dick Mallory; the lovely musical voice and the cogent commentary is Lyrinda’s. Great video made by great paddling companions. Don’t miss it! Click below.

VIDEO: Close encounter with whales in SF Bay

2 thoughts on “San Francisco Bay/Estuary Getting Healthier?

  1. I saw Channel 7’s clip but this is much better. So fun to see humpbacks in S.F. Bay . . . lots of dolphins live and breed in and around the bay but this is a spectacular sighting . . . so happy that Linda captured the moment to share with us!

  2. I agree. I especially like the audio that captures the excitement and wonder in Lyrinda’s voice in the Channel 4 edit.

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