John Muir Laws Nature Journaling Workshop

John Muir Laws teaches nature journaling workshops around the San Francisco Bay Area. I went to his North bay workshop this morning in Tiburon/Belvedere.

Jack inspired a breakthrough by saying (paraphrasing here), “To quell you inner critic, don’t try to make a pretty picture. Instead make a drawing in your nature journal for other reasons:

  1. to notice more
  2. to remember details you’d otherwise forget
  3. to stoke your curiosity, and
  4. to fall in love with the world

What great advice! As soon as the workshop was over, I hopped on my bicycle, rode out to Raccoon Strait, and pulled out my Nature Journal to make this drawing of the scene before me. It may not be much of a picture, but making this drawing did help me achieve those four aims, and it felt really good doing it.

Drawing-Racoon Strait

A RARE attempt at a landscape

The inner critic thus muzzled, that nature journal that’s been languishing in the bottom of my backpack might get out more often!

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