Fort Ross Bioblitz

I joined other citizen naturalists in Snapshot Cal Coast in compiling data about who’s living on the California Coast these days.

It was really fun. Today’s effort took place among the tide pools revealed in this morning’s -0.7′ minus tide in Fort Ross State Historical Park. Donning rubber boots, I waded into the pools, and, using my iPhone, spent most of the morning photographing many interesting life forms.

Red Abalone

Red Abalone Bioblitz

Hermit crabs

Bioblitz Crabby

Black Leather Chitons

Black Leather Chiton Bilblitz

Purple Sea Urchins, Ochre Sea Stars, and Giant Sea Anemome,

Ochre Sea Star, Giant Green Anenome, Purple Sea Urchin

The Giant Green Anemones at bottom of photo are withdrawn. They open in a spectacular flowerlike way.

Open Sea Anemones look more like this:

Sea Anemone Open

Gumboot Chitons

Gumboot Chiton Bilblitz

Splendid Iridescent Seaweed

Splendid Iridescent Seweed-Bioblitz

When underwater, this seaweed really lives up to its name.

After taking many pictures, we repaired to the library at the Fort Ross State Park visitor’s center where hot coffee and delectable pastries awaited us. There, our leader, Alison, a naturalist with the California Academy of Sciences, showed us how to upload our observations to iNaturalist, an app that compiles and archives the observations we made for scientists who can use the information to study changes in the ecology of the California Coast.

It was 3:00 before I was ready to go home, the last one to leave. Here’s a photo of me with the people who put on today’s event:

Bioblitz 4 of us

L to R: The Estuarian, Sondra Hunter, Alison Young (naturalist from Calif. Academy of Sciences), and Hank Birnbaum


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