Canoeing the Estero

My wife and I enjoyed a day out on the Estero Americano today. We paddled canoeful of beach gear and food out to the beach. We enjoyed a tasty lunch and a nice long conversation on a beautiful warm spring day.

We had the beach all to ourselves all day. It was just the two of us. Sorry, no photos.

We saw lots of wonderful wildlife. The highlight was visiting (again!) the pair of the nesting owls at the hanging gardens.

Several Estuarian readers have asked about paddling on the Estero Americano. Here is a map of our outing. It’ll give you enough information to figure out how to take your own trip. Just click on the bolded words EA Paddle with da Mayor in the title of the map below, and you’ll see a map with a lot more detail.

It’s about 11 miles paddling all together and you’ll want to get an early start so as to avoid paddling against the westerlies that blow in off the ocean most afternoons on your way out to the beach. Pack a lunch and let those winds blow you back to your car.

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  1. Sounds like an idyllic day. Even without the photos I can imagine it.

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