Jenner Clean Up

It was time to go out to the mouth of the Russian River again to pick up litter. I hadn’t been out there at New Year’s when I went out with Richard James, aka the Coastodian.

Russian River Mouth 4:7:16

What a pleasure it was to be out at the mouth again.

The first thing I noticed was a number of driftwood shelters on Jenner’s North Beach.

Driftwood Wigwam on Jenner Beach

Whoever builds and uses these shelters must be picking up litter. It was much harder than usual to find trash to collect. This meant that there was time to observe the animals. Quite a few seals swam in the mouth.

Harbor Seals Practicing 4:7:16

Many more Harbor Seals rested on the beach across the mouth. Pups in the group seemed more active than the grown ups and were going in and out of the ocean practicing their swimming.

Harbor Seal Pup & Friends 4:7:16

Pup on left about to enter the water. Note at right the molting adult.

It looked like there were very large Harbor Seals—or were they Sea Lions? I wasn’t sure—until this head popped up….

Sea Lion 4:7:16

….and started barking the way Sea Lions do.

He seemed to be barking at a couple of surfers who appeared on the scene to surf the waves just outside the mouth of the river.

Surfing in a sea lion dining room, the nerve.

Riding the Wave 4:7:16

After spending about an hour picking up the beach and watching the seals and surfers, I paddled around Penny Island to pick up litter. I was pretty sure I’d be able to find trash there. Sure enough, within a short time the canoe carried a boatload of garbage that does not belong in the estuary.

Canoe Loaded 4:7:16

Suki from Watertreks saw what I was up to.  She asked me to leave the garbage out so that it can be inventoried. I guess there’s a study going on. Here’s today’s haul.

The Haul 4:7:16

Barbie kite and doll house door. How did those get into the river? The blue oilcan bottle at left had several quarts of oil inside.


The California State Parks Foundation is sponsoring an Earth Day work party for the Sonoma Coast State Park on Saturday, April 16. Part of the day will be picking up the same beach I visited today. If you’re interested in joining, click this link to sign up as a volunteer.

4 thoughts on “Jenner Clean Up

  1. Nice Barbie Kite Dan.

    If you still have that flip flop, may I have it for my shoe emporium?

    thanks for the visit to the mouth of the Russian.

  2. Thanks, Richard. Before I picked it up, I didn’t know that Barbie kites were a thing. Using the canoe is definitely preferred for this kind of trip. It’s so much easier to get in and out, making it easy to retrieve things that are a little ways up on shore and out of reach from the boat.

    Sorry, I left the flip flop at the trash bin so it could be inventoried with the other things I picked up.

  3. Nice haul Dan! Great to hear that Suki in inventorying the trash . . . there are definitely trends I see in my hauls from Doran. Thanks for being out there and putting in the effort!

  4. Hi, Darris—

    The pleasure was all mine. I think there is a culture change happening out here along the Sonoma Coastline. Not only is there less garbage to be picked up, I’m having to conclude I’m NOT THE ONLY ONE picking up the beaches. They could not be as clean as they are unless others are picking up the trash.

    I think what you and Richard and Suki, and I are doing is contagious. And once we reach a critical mass, I think we’ll see spotless beaches like the North Jenner Beach was yesterday.

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