Solo Lake Sonoma

I ventured a few miles upstream of the Russian River estuary today to paddle out of Lake Sonoma’s Yorty Creek launch area near Cloverdale.

Yorty Creek 3:24:16

On weekdays it’s quiet and peaceful there. Except at the launch area, I saw only one other boater on the Lake the whole day in more than 10 miles of paddling.

Ospreys were about. This one was occupying a nest built on top of a tree standing about 8 feet above the lake.

Osprey on Nest 3:24:16

Another was trying to catch a fish.

Osprey in Flight 3:24:16

There was enough ambient noise from brooks tumbling into the lake and from wind in the trees that it was possible to approach turtles without them hearing the kayak. This one dove into the water soon after the camera shutter clicked.

Sunning Turtle 3:24:16

A killdeer stood on a rock near and let me drift in quite close for this picture.

Killdeer 3:24:16

Acorn Woodpeckers were busy in their pantries doing what they do best: storing acorns.

Sideview Woodpecker 3:24:16

Acorns stored in the holes

Woodpecker at Work 3:24:16

Cormorants were working the lake today too.

Cormorant 3:24:16

After years of drought, it was good to visit Lake Sonoma again and see it so full of water, and so empty of noisy boaters. Friends in the Petaluma Paddlers may go up to another part of the lake on Sunday. They’re in for a treat.

Map of the trip:

2 thoughts on “Solo Lake Sonoma

  1. Love the shots of the Osprey, but my favorite California bird has to be the Acorn Woodpecker.

  2. Thanks, Loren. I like those Acorn Woodpeckers, too. There are a lot of them up on Lake Sonoma. They seem to favor the large dead trees drowned by the water.

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