Coffee with Richard and Darris

Yesterday it rained.

Instead of going out for a cold and rainy paddle, bike or hike, I opted to meet friends Richard and Darris for a warm cup of coffee in a cozy independent coffeehouse in Bodega Bay.

For almost four hours we swapped stories about our enjoyment of the California coast, our appreciation for the way it contributes to our health and well-being, and our efforts to give something back.

Richard told of other people who share these thoughts and feelings and who are doing similar things to take care of the sea. From time to time in coming posts, you’ll learn of a few of these people.

Today: Richard and Judith Lang from Forest Knolls in Marin County, artists who regularly pick up trash that has washed up on Kehoe Beach at Point Reyes National Seashore. They sort the trash they collect and use it as materials to make art.

Here’s an inspiring video about making a sculpture called “The Ghost Below” for the California Marine Mammal Center.

Here’s another video about their work.

One Plastic Beach from High Beam Media on Vimeo.

Link to the Lang’s website.

Their work is inspiring.

2 thoughts on “Coffee with Richard and Darris

  1. When the plastic finally breaks down it gets into the food chain and we all end up eating it – poetic justice from the environments point of view if it was only humans that suffered, but all living things are at risk – sad – lets hope we can fix it before it all goes beyond the point of no return.

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