Laguna de Santa Rosa March 8, 2016

The Laguna de Santa Rosa stands at a little more than 60 feet above sea level today. Enough water for good paddling over the flooded farm fields north of Sebastopol. When the outing began it was 48° F  with partly cloudy skies and very little wind.

The Laguna 3:8:16

There was not much activity on the Laguna this morning. It was quiet at first. Then some bird activity from afar caught my attention.

At the north end of the Laguna pond about 30 pairs of Double crested Cormorants are nesting in two trees at the northeast corner of the largest pool of water in the Laguna near Delta Pond.

Cormorant Rookery 3:8:16

They were active. One bird of each pair sat on the nest while its mate went out into the reedy areas nearby to retrieve materials…..

Cormorant Tree zoomed in 3:8:16

to make the nest just a little more comfortable.

Cormorant Nest 3:8:16

Roosting Double crested Cormorants make low croaking noises reminiscent of bullfrog song—a Cormorant choir concerto that went on and on. You can hear a recording of their roosting sounds here. Click on the button labelled “Various calls by adults at roost.”

Double crested Cormorant 3:8:16

The double crest can be seen plainly here.

By late morning, a dark cloud blew in from the Pacific and delivered a vigorous rain shower It was wet enough to chase the camera below deck and bring the outing to an end.

The map below shows no water because this area is dry land in summer. But it is navigable in winter and spring after good rains.

6 thoughts on “Laguna de Santa Rosa March 8, 2016

  1. It’s so funny to see your track shown over LAND! How often is it flooded enough for this paddle? How long does it last? I’d love to do it!

  2. Those cormorants sure are taking over this area. They do make some interesting noises when they are nesting don’t they.

  3. Lyrinda,
    I WAS paddling over land, farmland, coated on top with an added layer of about 5 feet of water. At 60 feet you have to watch for fencing which can hide very near the surface of the water.

    With the rains coming this weekend, the Laguna will probably go up some more and make for even better paddling.

    Looking at the weather forecast, I may go out there next Wednesday, 3/16, for another paddle. I’d love to have you come along. I’ll email you if the forecast holds and the water stays high enough.

  4. Yes, they do. I wonder about the Cormorants deciding to nest there because I don’t see them feeding in those waters. You’d think they’d build nests near a cormorant cafeteria, but apparently not. The tree they’re in is pretty far away from human interferences. Paddlers on the seasonal pond are the only people they’re going to see apart from occasional visits from a farmer when the water’s gone.

    I tried to post a video I made of their noises, but I always have trouble figuring out how to upload video to Youtube from iMovie. Format incompatibilities.

  5. Dan, I’d love to join you but I have a trip planned from next Tuesday through Friday to Death Valley to see the wildflowers. If you go the week after that I’d definitely join you! Thank you. Sounds enchanting.

  6. Okay, I’ll let you know if I go out there the week after. Have a good trip to DV. Hope you see lots of wildflowers. Sounds like fun.

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