Laguna de Santa Rosa, Estero Americano.

Runoff from the recent rains have filled the Laguna de Santa Rosa. It is now a little above 60 feet above sea level. That’s the threshold for good paddling there.

Laguna 3:7:16

The access to the Laguna de Santa Rosa today. Very limited parking, about 6 cars, max

I’m planning to paddle there tomorrow morning, leaving from this spot on the eastern edge of the Occidental Road bridge that crosses the Laguna just north of Sebastopol. The aim is to get some wildlife photos, especially of a bald eagle pair that is said to be nesting about a mile north of this launching site. On the water by 8:55.

Estero Americano

Rain also filled up the Estero Americano again. It was windy there this afternoon. There is enough water near the launch site to flood the field on both sides, east and west.

Estero 3:7:16

Launch site, looking east, towards Petaluma.

EA-2 3:7:16IMG_2840

Looking northwest from Franklin School Road, now a causeway, a few yards north of the bridge.

If you like paddling (or sailing) a kayak in strong wind, you missed a good day out there. Otherwise, this was not the day to be out on Estero Americano.

EA 3:7:16

View of the bridge from the launch spot.

It’s up to you to speculate how long the water will stay this high.

More rain is forecast to fall here later this week.

There’s a good chance these brown waters will soon breach the sand dam at the mouth—where Jono fixed an Estuarian hot toddy on his backpacking stove on February 25. If it does, the scenery at the Estero launch site will change dramatically.

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