Russian River’s Mouth Closed; Jenner Visitor Center Flooded

Bar from Highway

The surf Friday, December 11 was very high with waves as much as 20 feet reported. These high waves pushed more sand up on the beach that is blocking the mouth of the Russian River. Together with the runoff from recent rains resulted in flooding in Jenner.


Cormorant on Railing

The river was as high as most everyone could remember. The Visitor Center in Jenner was flooded.

Bob was out there with me and several others to see what the mouth area looked like from a boat. As you can see, the waves outside were impressive. The roar from the larger waves was loud enough that at times it sounded like fighter jets flying overhead.

Bob before the Waves

Waves washed over the bar into the river.

A Great Blue Heron stood along the south shore of Penny Island.

GBH even smaller

Bob and I hung out together for a good part of the day, taking pictures and talking. Bob’s out here almost every day.

Bob from in front

At the bottom of this post is a link to his account and photos of the day.


Flooded houses in Jenner

The river was high enough to flood houses along the shore at Jenner.

This female Kingfisher landed on someone deck and posed for a photo.

Female Kingfisher

Many of the haul outs seals usually use were underwater. This log was still available and these seals and a cormorant rested on it.

Seal on Log

Strange to paddle around the launch ramp and into the parking lot to land the kayak.

Back in Parking Lot

Bob’s Blog

2 thoughts on “Russian River’s Mouth Closed; Jenner Visitor Center Flooded

  1. WHOA! I had NO idea . . . the waves were crazy at Doran and I could hear them roar over at Salmon Creek from our house so I new the surf had to be big . . . so sorry to see the visitor’s center and some houses flooded . . . great shots, thanks so much!

  2. There is something primordial and hugely dynamic here – nature doing its thing building landscapes and shorelines. I love these rugged rough coasts with their big waves.

    Despite the flooding and damage I hope nature is ‘assisted’ in bringing down the water level and not bombed completely out of existence. What is the current plan?

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