Foggy Day on the River

Today the Russian River is about as high as it gets. With the rains coming in the day after tomorrow, I’m guessing that the sand bar will be breached soon.


It was foggy at Jenner this morning—fog was so thick that it was possible to paddle into the middle of the river and not see either shore.

In fog so thick the world seems bigger, the river wider. Across from Jenner, following the southern shore and paddling upstream I passed trees holding spider webs kissed by the drizzle.

Wet Web

Penny Island hid in the fog.

Penny Island in Fog

Penny Island as seen from mid channel. This is after the fog thinned by mid day.

A female kingfisher posed on a branch overlooking the northern shore.


For more information about kingfishers, here’s a good site:


It was very calm today.

Bob and Ray were there, too; their vehicles in the the parking lot.

One thought on “Foggy Day on the River

  1. Hi Dan,
    I was on the flooded Island when I saw you headed down river. Now how can you expect to spot all the wild life if you can’t spot me? :O)

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