King Tides at Marconi Cove and Bag o’ Litter

The first of this season’s king tides along the California Coast occur this week.

This is how Marconi Cove on Tomales Bay looked with the 6.1 ft high tide which crested a little before 11:00. Thermal expansion of the ocean due to global warming is supposed to give the king tides a little bit of a boost. What do you think?

Marconi Cove, King Tide

Taken at the peak high tide. There’s usually a beach here.

California State Parks, which currently owns the property that used to be the Marconi Cove Campground and Boat Launch just south of this beach, has taken down the fencing that used to surround it.

Grabbing a boat tote from my car I entered the mostly picked up area and filled it with more than 100 bits of assorted litter.

You can see how high the tide is by looking closely at the photo of the top of the old boat ramp. Waves lapped over its top edge.

Marconi Launch Ramp, High Tide

Flooding like this didn’t happen 30 years ago. The cable in the foreground is the biggest piece of litter collected on this trip.


Thanks to others who’ve been picking up litter in this area, it took more than one hour to find 100 pieces of litter.

Larger items like the tires, pipes and iron float car, pictured below are still there. They wouldn’t fit into the litter bag.

Tires on Marconi Pipes at Marconi Iron Float Car

After 90 minutes of trash collecting, it was time to head home. The tide had receded enough to reveal the top edge of the launch ramp.

Marconi Launch Ramp, Off High Tide


The top edge of beach returned, too.

Bag of Litter

The van seat is still on the beach. 

And I went home as happy as a kid on an Easter Egg hunt.

There’s another king high tide will occur today—Thanksgiving day, 2015—at 11:15 AM.

3 thoughts on “King Tides at Marconi Cove and Bag o’ Litter

  1. Good on you for picking all of that up – action always speaks louder than words.

    There are two opinions aren’t there: Man made pollution driving global warming or: Global warming as part of a long natural cycle – Personally I am on the side of the negative impact of us humans.

    Whatever the reason there is no doubt that warming and thermal expansion of the oceans IS happening.

    I saw recently differing maps of New Zealand showing the changed coastline based on different rises in global temperatures – Sobering viewing indeed.

  2. HI, Alden.

    Yes, there seems to be a debate about what’s causing climate change and people seem to think it’s either caused by man or just a natural cycle. The scientific community is convinced by the evidence that manmade CO2 is playing a huge factor in the current and recent run-up of temperatures. And there’s also good evidence that the few dissenting “scientists” are funded by monied interests who pay for the skeptical reports.

    That said, most of the doubt about man’s contribution to global warming is coming from opinion leaders (they do not deserve to be called journalists) on “news” programs. Those people spout ridiculous opinions unsupported by facts. Sadly, they’re influential in shaping public opinion.

    But it’s not necessary to choose between the man-caused and natural cycle side of the debate. Both can be true. There’s plenty of solid evidence that natural fluctuations in climate and sea level occur. There has been warming after the most recent ice age. And, of course, scientists who are warning us about the damage we’ll do if we don’t cut CO2 emissions do not deny natural cycles. Their point is that loading our atmosphere with CO2—as people all over the world are now doing—will have disastrous consequences.

    We ought to be listening to them.

    I am hoping that the climate talks in Paris will be productive.

  3. Dan,

    Seems we both took to the regal water like ducks.

    Speaking of ducks, I found a pintail near Bivalve.

    Thank you for coming down to Tomales to clean up a bit. Many boats (and hands) make light work.

    I look forward to visiting the Russian with you one day soon.


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