Duncans Mills

I have been out hiking and paddling a couple of times since my last post, but was not able to get any blog-worthy photographs.

Today, in the hope of getting some good photos, I decided to launch from Duncans Mills, a few miles upriver from the river’s mouth at Jenner. Avoiding Jenner on Sundays makes sense to me because the kayak rental operation there puts a lot of people out on the water.

Mazda & Delta


The day seemed to start off propitiously. Quiet water, with almost no wind, and no other humans to share the river with. When humans, including me, are out on the river, wildlife skedaddle.


Looking Downriver from Duncans Mills

Calm waters, no birds in view

As time went by birds did appear, but they kept their distance. I passed beneath an osprey nest that I smelled before I saw it.

Osprey Nest between DM & Willowcreek


There actually were plenty of birds out today: kingfishers, bufflehead ducks, coots, golden eyes, hawks, ravens, merganser ducks. There was a harbor seal, too. All of them moved away when I approached within 70 meters or so. In my camera were nothing but grainy pictures of birds.

I was able to take a photograph of an interesting growth on the trunk of a decaying tree along the shoreline.

Growth on Tree Trunk, Duncans Mills

Here’s a closeup.

Growth Close up

Wildlife photography can be frustrating sometimes.

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