More Estuarine Tidal Marshland in San Pablo Bay

What news is more welcome than good news about the environment?

On October 25, 2015, a day with a 5.6 foot high tide just before noon, the Sonoma Land Trust breached a levee along the San Pablo Bay near Sears Point.

For 140 years that levee had diked off about 1,000 acres of tidal marshland.

That day water from the San Pablo Bay estuary rushed back over those 1,000 acres.

The video below shows the very moment of the breach. This video gives me a thrill of joy.

(Click the full screen icon on the bottom right corner of the window for best viewing.)

For more: Press Democrat Article on the Breach

3 thoughts on “More Estuarine Tidal Marshland in San Pablo Bay

  1. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for visiting and for your kind words.

    In an upcoming post about invasive Jubata & Pampas grass that is taking over the coast of California, I’ll share my interactions with one of, if not my least favorite plant, Toxicodendron diversilobum.

    Especially thanks for sharing this great news on San Pablo Bay.

    Maybe, just maybe, if enough of us keep nibbling away at it, we humans can reverse the damage we have done, and continue to do to our one and only home, Earth.

  2. Great video. It is great to see the land returned to its natural state. I believe that in England, land that was once ‘Saltings’ if breached by the sea is left in its natural state again. Also as in this video other Saltings are deliberately returned.

    Of course be careful that you don’t recommend this video to anyone from The Netherlands!

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