Fox, now Coyote, at Noon

When I want to see wildlife, I try to paddle alone, preferably on weekdays—early in the morning. This way I’m as close to alone on the water as I can be during daylight hours, anyway.

Last Halloween I got out late on a fine Saturday morning. There were  lots of talkative tourists in rental boats. Noisy humans tend to scare off wildlife.

Despite my human companions, I kept an eye open for whatever wild animals might be out. I did not expect to see much wildlife.

Then, up by the cow pasture near the Highway One bridge, I saw a tawny brown figure slinking low in the grass. I thought it might be a domestic cat. But I quickly grabbed my camera and snapped this much-enlarged shot. I think it’s a fox coyote looking back at me. It’s my first photo of a fox coyote, the first of many more, I hope.*

*Bob Noble sent me a photo of a coyote he took recently, and I’m pretty sure I took a photo of the same guy. In his photo, the animal is clearly a coyote.


5 thoughts on “Fox, now Coyote, at Noon

  1. I’ve never seen a fox from a kayak! Lucky you! The early – and solo – bird gets the … fox! 😉

  2. Thanks, Lyrinda. Keep your eye out for a fox; someday one will show itself.

    I’m hoping to see a mountain lion one day….

  3. Hi Dan,
    I hate to tell you this, but would a coyote do just as good as a fox? Sure looks like a coyote to me. One of them that picks off birds along the shoreline. I rarely see foxes, so far. I think maybe I’ve seen one or two down this way and that’s about it.

  4. Sure. It could have been a coyote. I was far away and did not see it very well. It seemed pretty small for a coyote, though. When I paddled over and got out for a closer look he was. Owners to be seen. I thought a coyote would have trouble “disappearing” so well..

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