Paddling with a Mission


Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. Well. I’ll reuse this bag.

In Bob’s November 4 post he talks about having a mission for his last kayak trip on the Russian River—in this case recovering a large redwood board for the visitor’s center at the Jenner launch ramp.

I like to have a mission (or missions) for my paddles sometimes, even if the “mission” is to not have any mission other than to dwell in the presence of the natural world.

Who knows? Maybe just doing nothing is the most important mission of all.

SS. Estuarian

SS. Estuarian

On my most recent paddle from Jenner, one of my missions was to pick up every piece of garbage I could.

The river does not have a whole lot of trash on its shores. That’s probably not for lack of litterbugs, but because there are other people like me who pick up the garbage they see.


Anyway, on the paddle along the lower between the mouth and Willow Creek I collected a dozen pieces of litter including two tennis balls and a soccer ball from a cow pasture. I had to land my boat and get out and walk to pick up the sporting equipment.

It felt good to stretch my legs.

The guy who’s inspired me to pick up trash is Richard James whose blog, Coastodian is well worth a visit. I am a fan of his work and his blog. Go ahead, and click on that link to his blog.


2 thoughts on “Paddling with a Mission

  1. Hi Dan,

    So glad to see you are out on the water.

    I’m not sure who picked up the tires at Marconi, possibly Hog Island Oysters.

    Lately the invasive Jubata has got my interest. I’ve been removing seed pods and cutting down some small plants close to the road. Hope to inspire folks in Bodega Bay to start removing this Argentinian Invader from their town. The seeds blow over to Point Reyes Seashore and are taking hold.

    Hope to get on the water with you soon. Maybe we can both find a wayward decoy.


  2. Thank you Richard. I’m looking forward to paddling a lot more. It would be fun to go out with you. Every time I pluck a plastic water bottle out of the environment, I think of you. That’s a lot of times.

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