Cormorants on October 31



The same day I got the picture of the Great Blue Heron I was lucky enough to get a few more pictures.

Upstream from Penny Island there are a couple of driftwood logs that have come to rest near the south shore of the estuary. One log lies prone in the water, as if napping like a harbor seal. The other stands up at attention looking like a Western Grebe’s neck. When the river level is high like it was last Saturday,IMG_0531

Cormorants enjoy sunning themselves there. If a kayaker takes care to approach slowly enough, the Cormorants take little notice and continue to preen and warm their wings in the sun..


I believe these are Pelagic Cormorants because of their black feathers and gregarious behavior. If you know different, please feel free to let me know in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Cormorants on October 31

  1. I think you might have some of both. Double crested don’t have any hair in front of the eyes as the Pelagic’s do, but I have a hard time seeing that part in some of your pics. For sure some birds in your pics have no hair in front of their eyes. I’ve been wondering about just what kind of cormorants were here. It seems they hang together a bit, so I think we have both and sometimes some other ones too.

  2. Dan, which camera did you use for the cormorants? They are very nice! You should have more subscribers! 😉

  3. Canon SX-60 HS It’s a bulky point-and-shoot that looks like it could be an SLR.
    Not waterproof, not rugged, so I have to be careful not to drop it or get it wet.
    Convenient to use in a busy kayaking environment. It’s got, I think, very good image stabilization and auto-focusing. I’m happy with it.

  4. Thanks, Lyrinda. I’m content to have just a few subscribers. I think most of my subscribers are people I know and/or will someday meet in person. Blogging gives my paddles a touch of purpose that they would otherwise lack, so there’s a selfish motive too.

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