Jenner’s Sandbar, October 29, 2015

I went out to Jenner to see the sandbar at the mouth of the Russian River. The National Weather Service had put out an advisory for big waves, so I thought that it could be interesting.

Sure enough, soon after paddling out I could see the tops of the waves crashing into the ocean side of the sandbar.

Wave over sandbar #1


Larger waves tossed spray dramatically up into the air.


Wave and Gulls Over Sandbar


Some waves sent a wash of Pacific water running down the backside of the bar and into the River.

Waves Washing Over Bar


The parts of the sandbar that had lots of waves washing over were empty of birds, seals, and people as in the photo above. Most of the animals seem to prefer sand that isn’t being washed with waves.

One small place on the bar was situated just right to stay dry.  Waves went to one side or the other of this small area, leaving whoever sat there dry.

Silver Seals on Sandbar


This is the “in-crowd” of seal society. They looked content to bask in the sun. Lower-status seals or who were latecomers had to make do at the edges of the dry zone and take the occasional cold water tummy bath.


Seals awash on bar

It was windy at at the mouth yesterday. Not too many people ventured out on the Russian River that day, or if they did, they didn’t stay long. One person who was there was fellow kayaker, photographer, and blogger, Bob Noble.



More about Bob in a later post.

5 thoughts on “Jenner’s Sandbar, October 29, 2015

  1. Nice job capturing those big waves. I’m always impressed by the power in those waves, not something you’d ever want to get hit by for sure.

  2. Thanks, Bob. Yeah you’re right. Wouldn’t want to get in the way of one of the big waves, that’s for sure.

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