Lagunitas Creek

Today I went  paddling with my club on Tomales Bay. We launched at Millerton Park across from Inverness in the southern part of the bay.


We paddled south from the beach under gray skies.



We entered the slough formed by Lagunitas Creek as it flows into Tomales Bay.


As we made our way south, the slough narrowed and freshened into something resembling more a creek than a slough. Although we were about 10 miles inland from the mouth of Tomales Bay, I spotted a harbor seal.


Lagunitas Creek gets more and more wooded the farther upstream you go. Here is what it looks like just before we reached Point Reyes Station.


A little further on and you come to California State Highway One and the green bridge that crosses Lagunitas Creek just south of Point Reyes Station.


I paddled the better part of a mile beyond this bridge until I encountered enough brushy obstacles to turn me around.


Upstream from here is the place where some home-brew beer makers got the idea to start a business. They named their brewery after the creek out the back door, Lagunitas Creek. And thus, Lagunitas Brewery was born.

We paddlers found a nice spot to have a potluck lunch which we enjoyed as the gloomy clouds departed and the sun came out.


The paddle back to Millerton Park was pleasant and aided by an ebb tide current. We passed a half dozen White Pelicans along the way.


Soon after taking the photo of the White Pelicans, a mild breeze came up, enough to think better of taking any more photos lest the spray from the bow of my kayak ruin my camera.









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