Bodega Dunes & Salmon Creek Beach

I took a hike today with my wife at Bodega Dunes. We hiked about six miles in a little more than two hours.

Low clouds and fog played tag with us, sometimes blowing in from the sea to make our early afternoon outing cold and dark.

Salmon Creek Beach

Near the southern end of Salmon Creek Beach


At other times the fog retreated back over the ocean revealing a blue sky. In those moments, the sun shone warmly on us.

The Dunes

Bodega Dunes, looking north toward the Russian River from whence this sand came.


As I walked on the wide expanse of sand I wondered whether most of it flowed out of the Russian River estuary, a few miles north of where I stood as I took this photo. Most of it, I suppose.

I wondered, too, how many eons it would take an estuary to build dunes like these.


2 thoughts on “Bodega Dunes & Salmon Creek Beach

  1. Hi Dan,
    You seem to be hitting on a lot of stuff about what I’ve been checking out for about fourteen years now. :O)
    Apparently a lot of that sand has come down from the Russian River over the years. A biologist that was doing a estuary study a few years ago compared the sand on the beaches from the Russian River down, using old photos and found that all the sandy beaches used to have a lot more sand on them. He thinks the reason the beaches have less sand now was when they built the jetty things changed. Before the jetty was built, the river flowed out on the south of the beach in the summer, where you found the spiny dogfish shark, but after the jetty was built, the river no longer flows out there because the jetty stops it at it’s end, further north. I don’t usually get to see biologists reports, but I was having a chat with him one day. It’s one of the reasons I think it would be a good idea to remove the old jetty.

  2. Yes it would seem a lot more natural for the breach to happen anywhere along the beach, north or south. It’s not hard to imagine that the jetty interferes with the way the river breaches.

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